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Pro golfer Lucas Glover tells 911 dispatcher his wife 'has gone crazy'

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May 16--She lied.

Pro golfer Lucas Glover admitted on a 911 call that his wife was the guilty party.

Krista Glover, the wife of the 2009 U.S. Open champ, placed an emergency call to the St. John's County Sheriff's office on Saturday claiming to be a victim of an assault by her mother-in-law.

"I've been attacked by my mother-in-law," Krista Glover told the 911 operator in an audio recording of the call obtained by TMZ Sports. " ... She's locked herself into the room and attacked us."

When pressed by the dispatcher for details of the "attack," Krista gave no answer before Lucas Glover took over the call.

"This is the husband," Lucas Glover said, "the sane one of the bunch."

The South Carolina native, who is currently ranked 95th on the PGA Tour, then rats out his wife.

"She's trying to blame it on my mother, which is not the case at all," Lucas Glover said. "My mother's the one bleeding and my wife has gone crazy."

Although Lucas Glover said his mom did not need medical attention, the 911 call triggered an automatic visit from local deputies to the Ponte Vedra Beach rental house the family was staying in.

According to the St. John's County Sheriff's office arrest report, Krista Glover had been drinking all day. Per the report, she began berating her husband -- calling him a 'p---y and a 'loser' -- for missing the 54-hole cut of The Players Championship.

Lucas Glover's mother, Hershey Hendley, told cops she tried to intervene when the couple began arguing in front of her and their two young children. Hendley suffered cuts and cops found her clothes bloodied. There were no signs of injury on the wife.

Krista Glover was then arrested and charged with domestic battery and resisting arrest. She was released from jail Sunday on $2,500 bond. She has been ordered to stay away from her husband.

"On May 12, my wife and mother were involved in an argument to which the police were called. Everyone is fine," the golfer wrote on Twitter. "Regrettably, although Krista was charged, we are comfortable the judicial system is able to address what actually happened and Krista will be cleared in this private matter. We thank you for respecting our privacy as we work through this unfortunate situation."

Despite his attempts to downplay the incident on social media, he did tell deputies that a bad round of golf frequently triggers an angry outburst from his wife.


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