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Tori Spelling claims baby son was 'stabbed' by nails at a Four Seasons

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July 11--Tori Spelling took to social media Monday to complain that her 15-month-old son Beau was injured by exposed nails during the family's recent stay at a luxury Four Seasons resort, the Daily Mail reported.

According to the reality TV star's Instagram story post, she said the whole family checked into an unspecified Four Seasons because of an equally unspecified "house situation."

She then said, "But in the kids arcade room my 15 month old got stabbed by 4 exposed nails that shouldn't have been there and all that was done was 'Is he ok?'"

Spelling then implied that the staff of Four Seasons showed little concern about the exposed nails, "not till they realized who's child it happened too." She declared, "So wrong on many levels. And I never call anything out! Not my style. But, not cool @fourseasons!"

She then concluded, "Does he need a tetanus shot?"

Of course, it's unfortunate Spelling's young son may have been hurt. But it appears that baby Beau is just fine, given that Spelling mentioned no serious injury. Spelling, 45, also took to Instagram Monday to gush about visiting a mom-friendly, full-service day spa in Tarzana, near their home in the San Fernando Valley.

So, with the issue of Beau's well-being settled, it's got to be asked: Who was footing the bill for the massively-in-debt Spelling and her intermittently employed actor husband Dean McDermott to take their children off for a getaway to a Four Seasons?

Spelling and Dean are parents of five children: Liam, 11, Stella, 10, Hattie, 6, Finn, 5, and baby Beau. The Daily Mail said that McDermott's 19-year-old son Jack from his first marriage joined them at the Four Seasons.

While Spelling didn't mention which Four Seasons the family checked into, or the length of their stay, nightly rates for a "superior balcony room" at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons starts at around $600 a night; suites can go for $1,300 a night or more.

The couple have been in the headlines in recent months over 911 calls to their home due to reports that the former "Beverly Hills, 90210" star was suffering a nervous breakdown.

Friends expressed concern that Spelling was stressed out over the responsibility of taking care of five children. She also continues to hustle for reality show gigs and other work opportunities in an industry that prizes youth and some kind of distinguishing talent.

Moreover, it was reported in March that Spelling had taken over supporting McDermott's ex-wife and oldest son Jack, after McDermott's child-support checks bounced, and he narrowly avoided jail time twice for failing to keep up with the payments.

At the same time, she and McDermott have become infamous for trying to enjoy the lifestyle of Hollywood royalty while facing massive debt and while struggling to meet their monthly bills.

The IRS drained $700,000 from Spelling's bank account for unpaid taxes from 2014, The Wrap reported in 2017. California's Franchise Tax Board also said in June that she and McDermott are delinquent in paying $282,000 they owe to the state.

As has become Hollywood lore, Spelling is the daughter of the late mega-TV producer Aaron Spelling who left a $600 million fortune when he died in 2006.

But he left his only daughter just $800,000, largely due to the fact he and his widow Candy Spelling were concerned about their daughter's reckless spending habits, as Candy Spelling told the New York Times in 2014.

It's been reported that Candy Spelling covers expenses for her daughter's five children.

So maybe Candy Spelling paid for the Four Seasons trip.

But unless the Four Seasons tries to make up for Spelling's negative Instagram post by offering Spelling and her family a return complimentary stay, it's not likely that she'll be heading back to one of their resorts any time soon.

But there's always Ritz-Carlton.


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