Could war of words with North Korea balloon out…

Wall Street Journal deputy editor Daniel Henninger and Fox News contributor Marie Harf join the debate

Farage on Trump's expanded travel restrictions

Brexit leader Nigel Farage on Trump's revised travel restrictions and its inclusion of North Korea and Venezuela #Tucker

Sister of murder victim hit by car outside Vegas…

Officials say the sister of a murder victim was hit by a car on a sidewalk outside the Las Vegas courthouse where the man charged in the killing is standing trial and she is on a list of potential witnesses

Police union blasts handling of Utah nurse arrest…

A Utah police union says two officers under investigation in the rough arrest of a nurse have been unfairly made into pariahs after body-camera footage got widespread attention online

Myanmar says no 'ethnic cleansing,' genocide…

Myanmar's U.N. ambassador insists there is no "ethnic cleansing" or genocide taking place against Muslims and he objects "in the strongest terms" to countries that used these words to describe the situation in Rakhine State

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The Latest: UN regrets Iraq's Kurds went ahead…

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is expressing regret that Iraq's Kurds have gone ahead with an independence referendum

Police officer shot, wounded in suburban New York City

A police officer has been shot and wounded in suburban New York City

Ford demos mixed reality car design at Microsoft…

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella set the stage for this Hololens and Acer Mixed Realty headset demo session.

Swimming in the rain

Two hours of intensive rain flooded Dubrovnik, but some enjoyed it more than others.

The New York Times - Inside a Refugee Camp Born…

From The New York Times: Rohingya Muslims are the most recent victims of ethnic cleansing. Hundreds of thousands have fled their homes in Myanmar. Ben C. Solomon, a New York Times correspondent, shows us the chilling reality they face as refugees.By: By BEN C. SOLOMON. Watch the original video on Times Video:

President Trump and Republicans Are Planning Big…

The White House and congressional Republicans are finalizing a tax plan that would slash the corporate rate while likely reducing the levy for the wealthiest Americans, with President Donald Trump ready to roll out the policy proposal at midweek.

Trump's feuds all about win, not ideology: Costa

The Washington Post's Robert Costa joins a conversation about the president's tweets from the weekend, Trump's speech in Alabama and why the feuds have less to do with ideology and more about winning.

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Matthews: Trump has no moral authority

Chris thinks that moral authority is missing in national politics today, reminding viewers how Robert Kennedy led after

Full Cuban Interview: 'I'm a Fan of Civil…

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban responded to President Trump's comments about athletes who protest during the National Anthem.

Face Shape May Reveal if You're Dating a Cheater

Men with short, wide faces have higher sex drives and may be more likely to cheat, according to new research. Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more.

Trump associate denies Russia collusion ahead of…

Longtime Donald Trump associate Roger Stone says there is "not one shred of evidence" that he was involved with Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Pacific Fleet admiral to retire after word of no promotion

The Navy's top commander in the Pacific says he's retiring after being passed over for potential promotion to lead all U.S. forces in the region

ADB raises Asia growth forecast as global…

Asian Development Bank raises growth forecast for Asia's developing economies because global trade and conditions in the world's biggest economies are improving more than expected

Passenger jet has emergency at California airport

Airline officials say a haze was visible inside a jet after it landed at a California airport, prompting coughing passengers to make an early exit

Sports And Politics Are More Intertwined Than You…

A White House official said NFL players should "do free speech on their own time." But historically, sports and politics have gone hand in hand.

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Uber wields new weapon in fight with London…

Uber has followed a traditional playbook in its fight with London regulators but the company's new CEO is also trying diplomacy

Hillary blames young women for her 2016 loss

Clinton believes one reason she lost to Trump was young women didn't 'prioritize' electing a female president because they don't understand the sexist attitudes in society #Tucker