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Israeli minister vows to help Ethiopian Jews move…

Israel's Justice minister vows to help Ethiopia's Jews immigrate to Israel as soon as possible during a rare visit to Ethiopia

Libyan navy rescues 263 migrants, recovers 11 bodies

Libya's navy says it has recovered the bodies of 11 migrants and rescued 263 others in two separate operations off Libya's western coast

What to expect from Korean peace talks

With Kim halting missile tests and a Korean summit in the works, what might come of it? Korea expert professor Robert Kelly explains.

This Medicine Cabinet Staple Could Prevent Dying…

Researchers out of the University of Arizona say a simple aspirin could help mitigate the effects of grief and bereavement.

Iran Says It Could Speed Up Its 'Nuclear…

Iran's foreign minister said the country "has many options and those options are not pleasant."

4 Britons on pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia killed in bus crash

A British travel company says four Britons on pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia have died in a bus crash

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The Latest: US alleges 'excessive force' in…

The U.S. State Department is accusing Nicaragua's government of overreacting to protests during days of unrest in which human rights groups say more than two dozen people have died

Families separated by war hope to be reunited

Time is running out for men and women who hope a meeting between the leaders of North and South Korea will lead to long-awaited reunions for families divided by the Korean War. CNN's Paula Hancocks reports.

Beyoncé Fan Learns Coachella Routine In 40 Minutes

Looks like Beyonce might have a new backup dancer to recruit. Buzz60's Natasha Abellard has the story.

Attack At Kabul Voter Registration Center Kills…

This is the fourth such attack since voter registration began a week ago.

Iran detains ex-prosecutor convicted in 2009…

Report: Iran detains former prosecutor who faces 2-year prison sentence over the death of prisoners in 2009

Russian lawyer questions why Mueller hasn't…

A Russian lawyer who discussed sanctions with Donald Trump Jr. in New York during the 2016 U.S. election campaign says that she has not been contacted by special counsel Robert Mueller and suspected that he was not interested in getting to the truth

Germany's Real-Life Disney Castle

Perched atop a forestry hill in Bavaria, Germany, is a real-life fantasy castle. Commissioned by King Ludwig II in 1869, Neuschwanstein Castle inspired Walt Disney's 'Sleeping Beauty.'

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Says Asteroid Mining is the…

The nation of Luxembourg has decided to begin investing in the future of space mining. Tony Spitz ha the details.

India Changes Law To Allow Death Penalty In Child…

In 2016, 40 percent of reported rapes in India involved children.

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The Latest: Toll from Kabul bombing climbs to 57…

An Islamic State suicide bomber has struck a voter registration center in the Afghan capital, killing at least 57 people and wounding 119 others

Syrian military pummels IS-held districts in…

Syrian state media says government forces are pounding districts of southern Damascus held by Islamic State militants in a bid to enforce an evacuation deal reached earlier in the week

Saving India’s Most Sacred River

Each year, about 8 million tons of flowers are dumped into India’s rivers. The HelpUsGreen organization collects the waste flowers and upcycles them into products

Americans’ Favorite Pizza Toppings

Food delivery service Caviar did a survey of Americans' favorite pizza toppings. Elizabeth Keatinge has more.

Violent Protests In Nicaragua Leave At Least 10…

Demonstrators have been protesting changes to the country's pension system.

Mexico's Pena Nieto optimistic on NAFTA overhaul…

Mexico's president has said at a trade fair in Germany that he's optimistic about reaching a deal to overhaul the North American Free Trade Agreement

Merkel to Israel TV: Imperfect Iran deal better…

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says an imperfect nuclear deal with Iran is still preferable to no deal, and that her country will "watch very closely" to ensure it is being fulfilled

How did 4/20 Become Known As The 'Marijuana…

How exactly did the random date of April 20th and weed get tied together? Buzz60's Natasha Abellard has the story.

International Investigators Arrive At Suspected…

Western governments say Douma, Syria, was the site of a chlorine gas attack by President Bashar al-Assad.

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Pakistan: Gunmen kill 2 Shiites in Quetta

Police in Pakistan say gunmen have killed two Shiites and wounded a third in Quetta, the latest in a recent series of attacks on the religious minority

Pakistan's Pashtun tribes stage protest calling for rights

Thousands of Pashtuns from Pakistan's tribes have gathered in the eastern city of Lahore reiterating their call for the release of tribesmen being held by authorities on alleged links to militants

Royal Traditions To Know Ahead of The Birth of…

Even though the young couple represent a more modern era of the British monarchy, there are still certain traditions that need to be kept surrounding the birth of a royal. Susana Victoria Perez (@susana_vp) has more