The Latest: Barbara Bush buried at presidential…

Former first lady Barbara Bush has been laid to rest at her husband's presidential library in Texas

President Trump says his attorney won't flip

President Donald Trump said his personal attorney Michael Cohen won't flip, despite reporting from the New York Times that the President treats his attorney with contempt. CNN's Boris Sanchez reports.

President Trump Understates Scott Pruitt's…

President Donald Trump said EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's security costs are "somewhat" more expensive than his predecessors. They're a lot more.

A Senator Pushed This Statistic About The Wage…

Sen. Tina Smith tweeted that women earn 80 cents for every dollar a man makes for doing the same job. That's not true.

Despite denials, lobbyist tied to condo met with…

In spite of denials, EPA chief did meet last year with a veteran Washington lobbyist tied to bargain-priced condo where he was living

Mnuchin expresses optimism trade standoffs can be…

US Treasury secretary expresses optimism over trade tensions

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Listen to Jeb Bush's eulogy for Barbara Bush

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, one of the late Barbara Bush's five living children, gives the eulogy for his "precious mother," saying "she was our teacher and role model on how to live a life with purpose and meaning."

US Calls Out Russia For Chechen Violence In Human…

The annual U.S. report on human rights criticizes Russia for anti-LGBTQ violence in Chechnya.

Democratic Party Files Conspiracy Suit Against…

The Democratic Party filed a lawsuit against Russia, the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks, alleging they worked together to meddle in the 2016 election.

Trump says he doesn't think personal lawyer will…

The government is investigating President Donald Trump's longtime personal lawyer, but Trump says he's not expecting Michael Cohen to "flip" _ meaning cooperate in exchange for leniency

Romney must compete in primary for Senate seat

Mitt Romney has been forced into a Republican primary for a U.S. Senate seat in Utah as he looks to restart his political career by replacing long-serving Sen. Orrin Hatch

Dinner, dessert and deals at the White House

On State of the Union, CNN's Dana Bash takes a look at the way President Donald Trump has incorporated dinner and dessert into his deal-making.

Trump Not Attending Barbara Bush Funeral To…

The White House says Trump won't attend the funeral so that security doesn't disturb anything and "out of respect for the Bush Family and friends."

Mnuchin expresses optimism for resolution of…

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin expresses cautious optimism for resolution of contentious trade fights

Vive la France: Trump hosts glitzy White House…

Vive la France: President Donald Trump to host his first big social event, a state dinner for President Emmanuel Macron.

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Romney not committing to support Trump in 2020

Mitt Romney said that he could not yet commit to supporting Donald Trump's 2020 re-election campaign, making it clear that he intends to stake his claim as an independent voice for Utah.

Iranian foreign minister wants 'respect' from US

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says his government needs to see a "change of attitude" from the U.S. administration before any meaningful negotiations can begin over several U.S. citizens being held prisoner in Iran

Trump considering pardon for late boxer Jack…

President Donald Trump says he's considering "a Full Pardon!" for boxing's first black heavyweight champion more than 100 years after Jack Johnson was convicted by all-white jury of "immorality" for one of his relationships

A look back at Melania's first year

Melania Trump is perhaps a unique first lady in modern history, an immigrant, a fashion model, a third wife, and by her own account, a notoriously private woman. CNN's Kate Bennett looks back at Melania's first year.

Feds Admit to Hush-Hush Policy on US Border

Border agents are separating immigrants from their children—a plan once floated by the Trump administration—despite denials that the policy was underway, the New York Times reports. With Congress seeking official numbers on immigrant/child separation along the southwest border and officials refusing to provide it, the Times dug up...

Retiring Sen. Hatch bids farewell to Utah…

One of the longest-serving senators in U.S. history has bid farewell to Utah Republican Party delegates

Richards: Trump administration worst for women

President of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards tells CNN's Van Jones she thinks President Donald Trump's administration is the "worst for women" she's seen in her lifetime.

Rep. Scalise out of hospital after surgery tied to shooting

The No. 3 House Republican leader has been released from a hospital after follow-up surgery related to the wounds he received from a shooting at a GOP baseball practice 10 months ago

Dems' lawsuit alleges conspiracy between Trump…

Dems' lawsuit alleges conspiracy between Trump camp, Russia

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Bono to George W.: Your mom eased AIDS stigma

While being honored by former President George W. Bush, U2 frontman and AIDS activist Bono said former first lady Barbara Bush helped diminish the stigma of AIDS and other diseases.

Romney facing complex Utah nominating system in Senate race

U.S. Senate hopeful Mitt Romney will speak to thousands of Utah Republicans gathering Saturday at a party convention to vote for candidates ranging from Congress to state Legislature

NYT Backs Up Reporter After Trump Fires Up…

Maggie Haberman has gotten under President Trump's skin again. The New York Times reporter filed a story on Friday detailing Trump's relationship with longtime lawyer Michael Cohen—one in which Trump is said to treat Cohen "like garbage," per Trump associate Roger Stone. That article apparently spurred a tweetstorm from...