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Big spenders: S&P 500 stock buybacks set record in 1Q

Flush with cash from lower tax bills and a growing economy, big U.S. companies spent a record amount buying back shares of their own stock at the start of this year

Stocks sink on reports US may limit tech exports…

US stocks are following global indexes lower following reports that the Trump administration plans to limit high-tech exports to China and restrict investment by Chinese firms in US companies

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Massachusetts lawmakers pass family and medical leave bill

Massachusetts legislators pass family and medical leave bill

US new-home sales climbed 6.7 percent in May

Sales of new U.S. homes jumped 6.7 percent in May; South accounts for all of monthly sales growth

Supreme Court rules for American Express in…

The Supreme Court is leaving in place a ruling for American Express in a lawsuit over rules it imposes on merchants who accept its cards

Mnuchin dismisses reports of tech restrictions on China

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin dismisses reports of tech restrictions on China; Beijing expresses concern

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Rep. Tim Ryan Says Tariffs Are a 'Terrible Idea'

Jun.25 -- Rep. Tim Ryan, an Ohio Democrat, discusses his views on U.S. trade policy with Bloomberg's David Westin and Shery Ahn on "Bloomberg Markets: Balance of Power."

Connecticut Red Hen receives wrath of Sanders' defenders

A Connecticut restaurant called the Red Hen received "threatening" messages from people confused with an identically named Virginia eatery that refused White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders service

US restaurants host refugee chefs who offer a…

U.S. restaurants have turned over their kitchens to refugee chefs so they can prepare sampling platters of their country's cuisine and share a taste of their home

Markets Right Now: Stocks skid on new trade fears

U.S. stocks are on track for their worst losses since early April as fresh trade worries hit stock markets around the world

Uber argues it should remain in business in London

Uber is beginning an appeal a decision to deny it a new operating license in London, saying it has made significant reforms that address mistakes the company had made in the past

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Steel pipe company CEOs push for waivers from…

In Texas, steel pipe CEO and steelworkers plan for uncertain futures under Trump's protectionist trade policies